Back to School

It’s the first full working week in September which means everyone’s feeling a bit down in the dumps after the summer. The weather hasn’t helped, which has been mainly grey and miserable. It’s interesting how September can bring similar prospects to a new year. School kids across the country will be re-inventing themselves in the year above, with parents footing the bill for new shoes, uniform and stationary (I used to love organising my new pencil case every year!).  But for those of us at work, life seems to bumble on with not much change. Although things may seem busier with everyone returning from leave, the re-introduction of routine outside work brings welcomed normality.

This year I feel slightly disconnected from it all. I’m still working from home due to pregnancy related hypotension and don’t risk my chances at making it to the offie without fainting on route. It’s been hard to find the back to school momentum I sorely need with the take off of several projects set for delivery early next year. I’ve got even less time – 13 weeks and counting until I’m on maternity leave and the expectation is that everything my end is going to be prepped and ready to go. Whilst I enjoy my work, it’s hard to give yourself that commitment boost when you are 6 months pregnant. The reality is, I just want to wash all the baby clothes and organise the chest of drawers in preparation for delivery day (of the baby that is).

I think it will help when I do eventually return to the office. Then there will be even less time and the pressure will be on. Hopefully that should help the weeks fly by. I’m reminding myself that soon the nights will start drawing in and it will be too cold to appreciate the breeze coming in my bedroom window. Maybe this year it’s ok not to get swept up in the back to school saga and instead drag out the carefree attitude in summer for a little while longer.

There’s always January!