My Letter to the Guardian

Have you suffered at work because of your appearance?

Dear the Guardian,
After reading your article I’d thought I’d get in touch to offer the other end of the spectrum on weight based discrimination at work to being obese.
I have always been very petite thanks to having a fast metabolism and being a keen runner. My BMI is just on the borderline of underweight and normal weight but I’ve never been concerned about it as I am perfectly healthy and eat when I’m hungry.
However, I ended up having surgery for hernia earlier on in the year which resulted in 3 weeks off work during a very busy time. On my return, I overheard several people talking about my weight and a member of the senior management directly told me that I needed to eat and wasn’t looking after myself properly and that she should be my proxy mother!
I felt absolutely outraged that I was being blamed for the surgery as if it was linked to my weight. I ended up just walking away and not doing anything about it. I am constantly snacking at work and people always feel they can comment ok what I’m eating and my body image because I’m thin, when they would never dream of doing that to someone who was over weight.