Working and sleep deprivation

My son is not sleeping well at the moment which has come as quite a surprise. He is nearly 2 and a half and for the past 6 months we have been able to put him in his cot awake and walk out.  Then we took him on holiday….

On holiday he didn’t sleep well which I put down to not wanted to go to bed, change of environment, heat etc. I came home more shattered than I did when I left but was looking forward to his first night back into his cot. I couldn’t have been more wrong. To cut the story short he has been in our bed since we got back two weeks ago, and I’m finally fed up with having my sleep disrupted by getting kicked in the head.

When I was on maternity leave it didn’t really matter, I could nap during the day. At work though it is a different story. I’ve found myself wearily boarding the train after 2-3 hours sleep and just trying to survive the day. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t face calling in sick with sleep deprivation.

Since this escapade began I’ve made several mistakes at work, haven’t been very focused and have just been doing the bare minimum to get by. And it is starting to get noticed. So this week, I’ve arranged to work from home all week and I’m going to end this saga once and for all.

So far it’s Mummy 2, Henry, 0! But this has involved countless techniques, most of which have failed and I’ve still had to rock him to sleep on the chair in his room (even after setting up a makeshift bed for me on his floor and holding his hand in his cot until both my arms went numb). I haven’t planned for this battle to go on any longer than this week, but am determined that the last two nights have not been in vain. I am going to win this!

And never take him on holiday again.


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